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Managing Data Volume and Complexity for the New Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport


In 2007, the Panama City - Bay County International Airport (PFN) began development of a new airport to serve Panama City, Florida, and the surrounding Florida panhandle area.  The new airport will replace the existing Panama City Airport and aims to have the first LEED-certified terminal building in the United States that will meet the future air transportation needs of the expanding Panhandle area.  The new airport, the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP), is scheduled to open in May 2010.   

Construction of the new airport and supporting facilities was estimated to be $330 million dollars and funding for the airport consisted of grants from both federal and state agencies, loans, and proceeds from the sale of the existing airport property.  

The management team at PFN recognized that spreadsheets would not provide the functionality, flexibility, or efficiency that would be needed to manage the complexity and large volume of data generated from construction of the new airport.  Therefore, in December 2008, the airport’s Finance and Management teams implemented CapitalVision® as their new Web-based application for managing all aspects of the large project.  

There is significant political and fiscal scrutiny on the building of the new airport.  Accordingly, the PFN staff needed to carefully manage the project within budget and ensure that monies were spent appropriately.   Once implemented, CapitalVision® provided PFN with a tool that would support the budget monitoring, detailed expense tracking, and funding outlay in the detail that was required.  

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