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George Mason Uses RevenueVision® to Profitably Grow Retail Dining Revenue by $5 Million


George Mason University was The Solution Design Group’s very first RevenueVision® partner.  When first introduced to RevenueVision®, the Auxiliaries team at Mason recognized the platform’s potential to offer the data insight they needed to build auxiliaries infrastructure and services with a strong focus on revenue growth and profitability.   During a 5-year partnership, RevenueVision has supported the financial performance of Mason’s Auxiliary Enterprises in numerous ways.


  • Increase revenues in all areas of Auxiliary Enterprises to help offset student fees
  • Determine the best investments in new and remodeled branded retail locations
  • Reduce staff time related to contract administration and audits


  • Used the RevenueVision® business intelligence tools to track and trend granular metrics such as sales by tender by hour by location to determine and validate best capital investments to support a profitable $5 million growth in retail dining revenue since 2015.
  • Used RevenueVision® to determine which beverage vending machines were over/under performing in which locations, to drive  demand for card readers and re-positioning/upgrading units, resulting in a $30,000 increase in annual vending revenue.
  • By allowing the auditors direct access to contracts and data in the RevenueVision® repository, Mason decreased the staff time spend supporting the audit process from 350 person hours to just one hour.

To read the complete success story, download the PDF below. 

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