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Dining Contracts: Effective Management through Technology


Whether your educational institution serves hundreds of students in a single dining hall or tens of thousands of students in multiple locations across multiple campuses, your dining operation is certainly a critical part of not only your institution’s revenue stream, but also the overall experience for your student body.   Food quality, choices, access, pricing, and revenue are all key components of a successful dining operation.  For Auxiliary Services, outsourced dining contracts often generate the largest percentage of auxiliary revenue.  Not surprisingly, these contracts often demand the most time and attention.  

Managing a dining contract effectively relies on being able to accurately track data over time and interpret its meaning.  Information about current activity can be used to ensure smooth operations and allow the institution to make changes, if needed.  Being able to analyze aggregate data over the long term is equally important because it provides the information needed for understanding longer-term dining trends.  Additionally, it provides a solid foundation for negotiating better terms for new dining contracts or renewals that will be more profitable and better suited to your institution.    

A closer look at a few of the specific data challenges with outsourced dining contracts illustrates opportunities for maximizing revenues and improving operational efficiencies.     

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